I Love Youtube

01/25/18 UPDATE

What I watch on Youtube now: vegan food, bullet journal, stupid vine compilations, and dance videos.

  • Bonny Rebecca
  • AvantGardeVegan
  • AmandaRachDoodles
  • PickUpLimes
  • Cam&Nina
  • 1MillionDanceStudio
  • CaitlinShoemaker
  • SustainablyVegan



I love listening to covers and originals on youtube! You should DEFINITELY check these people out! (Leroy Sanchez is my favorite :))

ARTIST            {username}  “Song Name”

Kina Grannis {kinagrannis}-  “Valentine

Leroy {superleroyvv} – “I Can’t Make You Love Me”

Ian Rivera {ianiceman}- “Let MeTake You Out”

Kaitlyn {kdizzzzleeee}- “We Could Happen”

Joseph Vincent {hoorahjencar}- “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

AJ Rafael {ilajil}- “Without You”

JR Aquino {JRAquinomusic}- “I Won’t Give Up”


I could put wayyyyy more lol but that’s good for now.  I’ll add some more later.

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