“Man at the End of the Rainbow”

This randomly popped up in my brain today, and I had to write it.

She sat on a swing as the rain started to pour.

“Come inside,” I said. I held it open, the door.

What took me by surprise was the smile on her face,

Eyes fixed on the stormy clouds, she looked so amazed.

I asked why she was so happy on such a dark awful day,


And she said,

“Because when it’s all over, I’ll go on my way.

There is a man at the end of the rainbow

Who’s waiting to grant my wish

All I have to do is wait til the storm passes by

When the trees had enough to drink and the sun starts to shine

I will follow that rainbow until I reach the end

Find that man and wish for hearts to mend.”


The young girl’s fable I didn’t believe

No gifts from a rainbow that you could receive

“Stop all that nonsense and come on inside.

Wipe off your shoes and make sure they have dried.”


A decade has passed and I remembered that girl

When the cloud turned black and started to whirl

It lasted awhile, but sure enough, the sun came out

With it, a huge rainbow that washed over my doubt


Insane as it seems, I drove for miles and miles

Stopped on a bridge overlooking some isles

I must have been dreaming, for what did I see?

The “end” of the rainbow, shining on me

But then I saw something even more strange

A frail old man suddenly at close range


He appeared out of nowhere, with just a white cloak

When’s the last time he ate? I’m sure he was broke.

So, so, skinny…

But his smile was just like the little girl’s

Genuine and kind, more valuable than pearls.


He said, “I’ll grant you a wish, just say the word.”

I must be going crazy, this is absurd.

“I gave all my belongings away

For hope that it would make people’s day


I can only give what i already own

But all of my seeds have just been sown.

You get one wish, so what would it be?”


I looked at him… were my eyes deceiving me?

A man who had nothing was offering me a request

I started to think and I felt so blessed

“Keep your things, if you even have any.

You know it’s quite hard to find many.. people like you.

I just ask for your wisdom, A heart… how does it mend?

It’s not like rubber that easily bends.”


Pointing his fingers to the rainbow above

He bowed his head and said, “It’s all about love.”

A wind blew so strongly that I shut my eyes

Then he was gone, with that four word goodbye.


-Okay, so cheesy poem that kind of / kind of not makes sense.

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“Money doesn’t buy happiness”

Money doesn’t but happiness.  She kept telling herself that.

Yet, her life was in danger and only a hundred grand could save her.  No.  Stop it. She said.  Life isn’t about currency.  I can live happily without money. But she needed it.  Only that hundred grand could pay for her operation.  A payment for life; what a tragedy.

She turned on the television.  Typhoon- the biggest one yet- tore down an entire area.  Thousands of women, children, and men died.  Millions suffered.  Giving them paper money won’t help? What would they do with it, right? If there are no resources.  But, it can save them… just like it could save her.  Nations can help each other, giving food, shelter, and clean water.  Yet, we need money for it.  She sighed.  Why must good health, the critical problem, be only given to those who have money?

If she ruled the world, she wouldn’t make anyone pay for medication.  But how is that possible? That is what the world revolves in now.  It’s an exchange.

The paint on her walls seemed to get whiter the more she stared at them.  Time passed by.  She closed her eyes and prayed, asking, “Why must it be this way?”

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She felt so ugly.  So, so, ugly. Uglier than anything that you could ever think of. She wished that she would have just been born a rock, hidden in the deep caverns and away from humanity. 

Why she couldn’t be like the other girls, she didn’t know.

She traced her fingers through the silver lining of the mirror. An ugly reflection stared back at her.  She clenched her fist and broke through the glass, shattering shards into her knuckles.  Tears flowed from her eyes, and her mascara etched the pain that she felt through her skin.

All those memories, which she wasn’t a part of, haunted her.  Maybe if she was prettier, he would have been hers.

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