01/25/2018       23:03

I am a Medical Surgical night shift nurse, but I will be moving to day shift next month! Horray for normal sleep schedules.  This year, I plan to be more productive with my bullet journal and learn many many things, mostly for Jeopardy purposes.  Lightning is still swimming, while Mae Mae and Pepe are getting fatter by each day.  I plan to travel more and experience what life has to offer.  Let’s see if I can save this year.

08-19-16. 0216

Currently, I am a brand new registered nurse who wants to learn as many things as possible.  I have two cats and a new betta fish, Lightning.  I am continuing my education until I can’t stand it anymore… haha… maybe I’ll get a PhD so they can call me “doctor.” I do want to specialize in pediatrics one day, when I have more knowledge about life and medicine.

I am obsessed with lighthouses, paper, and food.  I wish to help make the world a better place by providing my service to those in need.  I plan to travel the world, and maybe live in England with B for a few years. Or who knows? I might end up living in Thailand as a vegan monk.  Life is funny, and I’m trying to be more carefree about it.  Darn that gold personality… and my love for meat. OH NOOOO.  0222. end.























Currently in Nursing School.  That’s all I do now…

I love HGTV, Leroy Sanchez, bread, Chef Ramsay, paper, squash, and much more.
I want to be a pediatric nurse/ children’s book author/ interior designer/ baker/ musician/ psycho actress. HAHA yeah right.

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