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Let Them be Individuals

It bothers me so much that parents push their children to a certain career to the point where the child is even repulsed by the idea, because of the constant pressure.  When an idea is shoved down your throat, then it becomes unpleasant and makes you want to run the opposite way.  I can understand that it is coming from a good place.  Yes, you want your child to have a successful future and make lots of money to start a family and live well.  However, money is not everything.  It does not define how successful one is, however much you want to argue it.  At the end of the day, the one who is truly happy is the most successful.  I can say from experience that just because you have money does not mean that you will be happy forever.  It does cut down on the burden of worrying about payments, but as humans, we seem to never have enough.  You could be the richest man on earth, and still feel like you do not have enough.

In certain cultures, your career shows your social status, and that is also another reason why parents push their children so much.  They do not want their child to be looked down on based on what they do for a living.  But why can’t we just be more open minded and stop worrying about unnecessary things such as social status? Why are humans so driven crazy by power and who has it all? We are all people, and must learn to appreciate each other.  Stop worrying about your child’s money and social status and let them live to enjoy what they love.

As a parent, you are there to encourage your child to do greater things, but also to support them with their choices.  You might not see eye to eye, but both sides must at least try to understand.  No one wants their loved ones to live on the streets because they are so broke, but that is no reason to force them to pursue a high-paying-high-status career such as a doctor or judge.  I mean, if that is what they want, then, by all means, please encourage them, but you can only bend a branch so much until it breaks.

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