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His amber eyes looked away into a far distant land that could not be found on earth.  Was it heaven? I surely did not know.  Heavy sighs engulfed the entire room but not even a depressed outcry could be made.  I was speechless,  empty.  There was nothing I could do but give him my time and love.  Was the ten years we spent together enough? I can admit that I was not the best friend that I could be, but I loved him with all my heart.  Remembering the time we ran out in the rain and shouted at the whole world made me cry.  It was one of the worst days I had in my life and I couldn’t take it.  But he was there, and we cooled off in the rain, washing away our pain.

His breaths got quicker and I could not slow it down.  I shut my eyes in anguish and awaited for the worst to come.  It wasn’t fair.  Nothing is fair, when it comes down to this. . .

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