It’s been so long since I’ve typed up my feelings and thoughts– primarily since the only thing that I seem to be focused on these days is studying.

Over the past few days, I noticed how moody and angry I have become.  I didn’t know the cause of this, but I soon realized that it was from built up frustrations that I’ve kept deep inside.  For the most part, I am content with how my life is going.  I always think of how thankful I am for the blessings that I’ve been given.  However, the spoiled child inside of me can’t help but wish for more.  I wish that my loved ones wouldn’t get sick; I am tired of people having to deal with health issues that I can’t fix.  It makes me feel useless.

I wish that I could be on the same page as someone, but the more I think about compromising, the more crazy I get.  If only we could walk a mile in each other’s shoes; maybe we would understand each other more…

I wish I could get a job.  I could complain all day about not getting hired, but it is to my own fault that I have not been getting anywhere.  I am planning on applying to as many places as I can during spring break.

Why is money always an issue? I can never have enough of it, as disgusting as that sounds.  Out loud, I say that money has no true value, but I know that I am just lying to myself.  I need money so I could buy a plane ticket to the Philippines to be with my relatives that I haven’t seen for almost a decade.  My frustration levels are just out of this world.

I wish I could remember everything that I learn in nursing school to make life easier (but what fun is an easy life, right?).  It is, again, frustrating to work so hard to learn a plethora of information, then lose it a week later.  It amazes me how my classmates can pass tests while being employed (and some even have kids).  They are good multitaskers that I can learn a lot from.  I get very stressed for clinicals and tests and I need to just calm down (easier said than done).

This is just a complaining post that has no point.  It’s just good to vent sometimes…


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