I Can’t Swim… *insert sad pathetic face here*

It’s true; I can’t swim.  I find it very embarrassing.  That’s just like someone who never got to learn their A B C’s…. or tie their shoes… or learn how to ride their bike.  Living in Florida, people here expect that you know how to swim.  As far as I know, all my other friends swim someone decent.  A lot of them are also pretty good at it, as in, they’re in the swim team.  Their hobbies include just hanging out at the beach to surf or be a semi-merman.  Ugh, I feel so uneducated (is that even a right term to use in this situation?)

You’re probably like… well, why won’t you just man up and learn?!! Yeah, I tried multiple times with multiple people.  I ended up punching or kicking them.  It was awful.  I don’t fully trust anyone when it comes to me in the water, even my best friend or my dad.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I guess I’m just really scared of drowning. BUT, my mom said I knew how to swim when I was two… how can I possibly just forget?

It was probably a decade ago that someone tried to teach me.  She promised that she wouldn’t let go when I tried to float, but she LIED!!! (that’s my childish self talking)… I was floating, all excited, then she let go! That’s when I lost trust.  She said that I was swimming by myself, but I was so terrified when she let go that I sank.

I hope that I end up learning so that I would stop embarrassing myself. The person who ends up teaching me (that works) would be a miracle maker.  Wish me luck… because I’m going to a birthday beach party this Saturday… *cries*

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