I Can’t Be One of “Those Artists”

I love “art”… loved it all my life, actually.  My earliest memories involved some sort of connection with it.  My sister and I would frequently draw, make play-doh (we had a cheaper version) figures, and just have a blast creating anything from simple materials.

Although “art” has always been close to my heart, I can’t imagine myself being one of “those artists.” What the heck does that even mean, right? Well, I started taking an Art Appreciation class at my college for this spring semester.  I know that I’ll have fun later when we actually do stuff, but right now, I’m really dreading it.  It’s only been a couple of weeks, but it seems as I’ve been there for an eternity.  I’m not sure if it’s my professor’s soft voice that makes me fall asleep in class (don’t get me wrong… she’s a nice old lady) or just the concepts that we are going over.

For instance, we were talking about the elements of art– and yes, I get it.  Those are the fundamentals that artists must consider to make their work powerful.  But then, we started looking through hundreds of art work: some sculptures, others paintings.  The thing that really got me (and started making me think that I can’t be one of “those artists) is that they get so into it.  You might be thinking, Wow. How can you even say you love art, when you don’t get into it? It’s not that.  I do understand, yes, it’s a beautiful painting.  But I think that some people read way wayyy too deep into the actual meaning of the art.  For instance, we were analyzing one of Van Gogh’s paintings of a bar.  She asks us, “What does this make you feel? Do you feel comfortable? Quirky?”

No one wanted to answer, so the classroom had a full minute of awkward silence.  I took one for the team and said how I felt.  I told her that the colors were warm, so it seemed comfortable enough.  The lights looked like they were radiating a certain glow to the room.  She questioned me, “Really? Doesn’t it make you feel off? Almost awkward?” I wanted to say, well, I mean if you say so… but isn’t that her opinion? And I have mine? I really think that art, like this painting has a million things to say.  Didn’t someone proclaim that “a picture is worth a thousand words?”

I feel like I’m not making myself clear, so I’m going to give another example.  For instance, let’s say that I painted a room with blue curtains.  The “fancy art person” would claim that I painted the curtains blue to express my melancholy.  No! what if I painted the curtains blue because that’s my favorite color (which it is) or because it represents a “cool” feeling? How can someone else judge how I felt at that exact time that I painted it? Unless they interviewed me… They might go on further and say that it could mean that someone close to me died and it was a “blue day.” Boy… that escalated quickly, eh?

I’m truly not trying to bash “those artists,” even though it does seem like it.  For me to classify them as “those artists” make me sound even worse, huh? But shouldn’t art be about expressing yourself and not being technical ALL the time? Shouldn’t it be your style, or even, something others can look and interpret their own way? There are a million ways to interpret it, and most of the time, your interpretation probably isn’t the same as what the artist was interpreting it…

Look at the picture above. In art class, we would have been analyzing each splatter. “Hmm… do you see the unity of the colors and how the symmetrical balance of the colors convey the emotion?” What the heck. No. I think that this is a pretty picture. Maybe the artist just felt like randomly splattering some paint that day? They don’t know if s/he truly planned every single splatter out.  Come on..

It amazes me when I see something like a yellow dot on a piece of white canvas, and it’s on auction for thousands of dollars. Really? A famous artist did that? What do they think of it? Do they think that it expresses so much emotions in that dot? Okay, maybe the artist did mean something of it, but getting so attached to the meaning of a thousand dollar yellow dot is just ridiculous to me.

They are in “awe” of that dot, while graffiti artists are being shunned by their “trash.” Are you kidding me? I think that street art is genius!

Look at that amazing piece of art! I can feel more emotion towards this. But that doesn’t mean that the way I feel is the same feeling that the artist is conveying.  This is better than the simple dot. How can people stare at a yellow dot, analyzing it for days?? “The simple things in life are the most extraordinary.” Yeah, it’s simple, so don’t make it so complicated.

Gosh, my rant is over.  I hope I made my point clear.  I’m not so good with words. haha..

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