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“Money doesn’t buy happiness”

Money doesn’t but happiness.  She kept telling herself that.

Yet, her life was in danger and only a hundred grand could save her.  No.  Stop it. She said.  Life isn’t about currency.  I can live happily without money. But she needed it.  Only that hundred grand could pay for her operation.  A payment for life; what a tragedy.

She turned on the television.  Typhoon- the biggest one yet- tore down an entire area.  Thousands of women, children, and men died.  Millions suffered.  Giving them paper money won’t help? What would they do with it, right? If there are no resources.  But, it can save them… just like it could save her.  Nations can help each other, giving food, shelter, and clean water.  Yet, we need money for it.  She sighed.  Why must good health, the critical problem, be only given to those who have money?

If she ruled the world, she wouldn’t make anyone pay for medication.  But how is that possible? That is what the world revolves in now.  It’s an exchange.

The paint on her walls seemed to get whiter the more she stared at them.  Time passed by.  She closed her eyes and prayed, asking, “Why must it be this way?”

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I Wish I Had the Words

I wish I had the words to describe

The thoughts, in my brain, that hide

Can see exactly what I mean

But when it’s time to show what I’ve seen

I get stuck

How do I explain

This thing that’s making me insane?

.  .  .


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