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Simple Gestures

It’s amazing how simple tiny gestures can change your day. For instance, I was getting frustrated with my school work and the bad nature of human beings, when my best friend said three little words that turned my mood around 180 degrees! A simple “I love you” to show much you care about a person can alter their senses. Make someone’s day better. Give out a smile, a hug, a genuine laugh… Maybe, just maybe, you’ll make their day a little bit better. Then, they too, might spread the happiness around to others who are in need of it.

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You are Going to be Just Fine

Take a deep breath.
It’s going to be okay.

After worrying for over an hour about where my life is going (almost a weird anxiety attack because of my current health and everything else that’s happening), I slapped myself.

Snap out of it. I said.

It’s going to be okay! It’s not necessarily a lie since I can’t foretell the future; but it’s also not a hundred percent true either.

But i thought… if I died RIGHT now, at this very instant, I wouldn’t want to be filled with anxiety and fear. Why choose the  worse perspective, when you can fill your head with happy thoughts? So I smiled, stretched, and went on with my life.

Come whatever may, right? 🙂 Bring it on, Life.

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Humans are SO Impatient!

Humans have a limited amount of patience; I can see it everywhere: the constant tapping and fidgeting with their fingers while waiting for someone, the “rolling of the eyes” because someone had 21 items in the 20 item or less line, and the classic… beeping someone two seconds after the traffic light turns green.

Seriously people, is there something really THAT important we have to go to that we get so impatient? I can understand if you are about to have an accident in your pants, or have a pregnant lady on the back of your car. But come on.  If you have nothing important to do that day, and you get irratated and even furious at someone who’s holding you back, then you gotta start thinking about that! Breathe!

I know that I get impatient at times too: today, I realized just how bad it was.

I left the house five minutes later than I usually do to drive to school. I thought, hey, five minutes won’t hurt! (I usually arrive at my first class 5 minutes early anyways) Little did I know that that five minutes would turn me into a lunatic. (ok, I’m just kidding… that’s a little much)

First of all, I was going one way and a school bus the other (coming towards me)

So that’s my view basically, as I’m driving forward. . . Anyways, the bus driver was already stopping and sticking out that little “Stop” sign on the side, but everyone else in front of me sped up!!! They didn’t want to wait for the children! (Legally, you HAVE to stop right?)  I almost did the same, because I didn’t want to be late for my class.  Then I thought: Wow. I am SO selfish.  If I kept on going, there was a possibility that a child could have run up. I could have hit him! So I just waited, looking at the happy little children.  I’d be more patient next time, I said

But right after, I hit a red light and there I was! FIDGETY! Being in a stop light seems wayyy longer when you’re in a hurry.  I started tapping my fingers like an impatient human being, telling the light to turn green.  Finally! It changed colors and I sped up.  There I go again, being impatient. . . so sad. haha. By then, I was way later than I expected (but still had a few minutes until class started), so I hoped for nothing else to be on the way.  YEAH RIGHT.  The railroad tracks just HAD to stop the cars to pass through right? RIGHT. I noticed how impatient I was getting again and it made me sick.  I am such a bad person! Surely, the gravel loaded train wouldn’t take longer than 2 minutes.  I’m sure it didn’t, but again, it felt like it was forever.  But then, I thought…And thought. As I watched each section of the moving vehicle pass me by, I noticed how amazing it was.  It’s amazing how far we’ve come, as human beings, to invent something that can transport tons and tons of resources from one place to another! I sat in awe like a child watching a magician for the first time. 

Finally, I came to the conclusion that we are always in SUCH a rush! We live in such a fast-paced society that we forget to observe the true beauty of our world.  Not only nature, but mechanics, tools, people, just EVERYTHING! We are SO lucky.  We just have to take the time to notice it. 

In the end, I ended up only being 5 minutes late for my class (can you believe that?) They didn’t even start on anything yet, and I was the one who was rushing like a maniac.  Crazy.  Next time, I’ll just leave my house on time. 🙂 but if DO end up being a few minutes late, I’ll just breathe and take in the little things.


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The Mind’s Power Over Health :)

I usually dread having to do reports and analyses for school, but I actually found my Psychology homework to be interesting. (Say WHAT?! I know, I know… haha) I had a choice of reading and writing a report about one of the several articles that my professor provided. The one I chose was called “Mind Set Matters: Exercise and the Placebo Effect” (Crum & Langer, 2007).

Basically, Crum and Langer did an experiment on female room attendees (those who cleaned rooms). They split them into two groups; one was told that their daily labor of cleaning excceeded the CDC’s recomendations for an active lifestyle (meaning that all the vaccuming and moving around was good exercise for them). They posted posters to remind the women everyday of how their work benefited their health (Exercise-wise). The other group (control) was NOT told of any of this. They surveyed both groups in the beginning, asking them about their perceived and actual work out hours. They also took their weight, BMI, etc. A month passed, and Crum and Langer returned to redo the tests on all the participants. The experimental group who recieved the placebo (given information) actually lost weight and had lower blood pressure, than what they started with. The control group didn’t have any significant changes.

So what’s my point??

My point is that People have psychological control over their health. Giving those women that extra information transformed their bodies, thanks to their brains! Those who didn’t receive the placebo weren’t THINKING of their job as a benefit to their exercise. Therefore, they didn’t change. We can trick our whole being by controlling our thoughts.

Also, I just love the PLACEBO EFFECT. There have been many experiments that showed the mind’s power. People who have taken fake pills (thinking it’s the real drug) felt the same effect as those who took the actual drug. Others were told that doing a certain activity (which isn’t truly proven) would cure them… and it worked!

Health perceptions have been related to actual health
There was another study, this time by Idler and Kasl, that concluded perceptions are related to actual health. What does that mean? Well, they concluded that elderly people who PERCIEVED their health as poor are actually SIX TIME MORE LIKELY to die than those who thought their health was excellent, regardless of their current state of health (1991).
Woah. I think that’s pretty cool. Their brains controlled their overall health being!!!

So, what should you learn from this blog article thing then? It’s not just me blabbing (ok, maybe it is… I just want to feel smart haha).
But seriously, shift your perspective. Next time you feel like you’re dying, say to yourself: Girl!! (or boy) you are going to be JUST fine

You have a brain. Learn to control it. You’ll find yourself not only happier, but healthier. 😀

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Peaceful day

I usually say that there is no such thing as perfect. Today,however, felt like a perfectly peaceful day.  I had  no worries. I opened my window to let the beautiful cold breeze inside my room. Hot green tea mixed with a perfect book (Mark of Athena) and amazing music on the background made it even better, as I laid down my comfortable bed. 🙂
Amazing day. And i didn’t even have to leave my house!
Everyone should have a day like this at least once a week.

There would definitely be less stress and  happier people.

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