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To All Those…

First of all, I would like to address every single person who has ever been bullied in their life.  I just want to say that it’s sick for anyone to push down another person spiritually and mentally.  Millions of kids are bullied each day, some which even commit suicide.  I wish that they all rest in peace wherever their spirits are at.


Ok, so I watched a video of this girl (I’m not going to mention her name, but it’s probably obvious since her video is viral) who was constantly bullied and finally ended her life about a week ago.  It’s a shame that lives just end that quickly; however, I have a certain opinion that many people would not agree with.  I know that it’s terribly sad that a life just disappears from this earth, but in this case I think that it could have been avoided.  Actually… I think that every suicide can be avoided.  I still don’t get why people think they can just get rid of all their problems by killing themselves.  It’s not fair. Why can’t you just keep living? There are SO much people who would love to have the extra years you have.

For a situation to be avoided, well… you must avoid the beginning that triggered the whole situation.  In this instance, the girl did something that she knew she shouldn’t have done.  It was a stupid mistake and she kept making more mistakes, as it even said in her video.  It’s true that we, as humans, make common mistakes…. but that’s why we LEARN from them! If you keep doing the same mistake over and over, then you’re not really learning anything are you?  This is really my opinion, but I think that the girl could have picked a different choice than what she did.  The actions she performed also made her look like she wanted attention.  It’s making me angry.

I know I sound like a heartless person right now.  Maybe I am…. but there are so much people out there who suffer from way worse: abuse from parents, no food, no shelter… I also want to express my sadness for her.  The girl who committed suicide.  As bad as the things she did, she didn’t deserve to die for it.  I really just think she could have prevented this from the beginning. She had a choice. 

Humans need to be stronger.  We are so frail… so sensitive to everything that happens to us.  WE need to stand our ground and live until the day that we naturally die.  The gift of life is such a special present; you can’t just throw it away when you think you can’t handle it anymore.

Just remember to stand up for other people who are getting bullied.  They might commit suicide.  Tell them why they can’t just end their life like that.  Tell them that there is too much to live for to get pushed down by stupid mistakes and people.  JUST LIVE.

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