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School Work


I was so proud of myself when I finished US History segment 2 online in the course of three weeks this summer.  The feeling of accomplishment just filled me.  WOW. I’m finally done with this… for now.

Not only did college start for me, but also another Virtual school class.  Yup.  Just when I thought I was so good for completing US History, I had to start on US Government.  I can tell you right now that I’d rather retake US history over again than have to read about laws and why the government is “Just so great and amazing and flowery! WEeeeeeee!” Virtual School tries to make US Government sound like it’s the most interesting thing in the world, when truly, it’s not.  I could care less about the laws of this country, but it might help out one day if I get arrested or something. (just kidding)  Seriously though.  That’s why I’m taking Biology.  It’s because I want to be a nurse.  I want to help people, mostly medically.  I really think that health is more important than politics.  Of course, they somehow tie together at some point but really… Who cares? Am I the only one who doesn’t?


Anyways, at the college, I take English Composition (basically a writing class).  I work really bad under pressure.  Every writing essay test I ever took in school made me so nervous.  I like having the time to get my thoughts together to make a paper worth an A.  Having a time limit just scares me.  On the bright side, most of the essays I will write for this class will be written at home, where I have time and resources.  What would I do without a thesaurus? My paper would sound childish and blunt.  No spices.  I actually love this blog now.  I’m going to type more and more just to practice for my future essays.  I’m trying to be a better writer.  It’s just I’m not really good with vocabularies; I only know small basic words and I try so hard to remember “intellectual” words that make me sound smart but I just can’t.  (That’s why I said I love the thesaurus).  I wish I’d be a good enough writer to get an A in that class.

Ok, college algebra.  Now that class is the easiest so far.  Out of all my classes, this is the one that I worry least about.  It’s mostly what I learned in middle school, so I just have to refresh my brain..  Pre calc last year was way harder than this stuff.  I think math is easier than english or science.

Speaking of science, I’m also taking Biology and Biology Lab.  This is crucial since I’m working on my nursing degree.  It’s sort of ironic that I’ll be mostly studying science, when I’m not so good at it.  My instructor told the whole class that Biology isn’t really about memorizing but more on understanding about the concepts and relating them with each other.  That’s a big sigh or relief for me, I thought, since I have short term memory loss.  Or maybe just complete memory loss hahah…  However, even if I do understand all that concept and stuff, I’ll still have to memorize the names of everything to even connect them with each other!!! It’s hard for me. 

This is only the beginning but I know the work will start piling up.  I’m not as terrified as I was before I entered the class, but I still feel like it’s a lot.  My best friend right now… the thing that can help me the most… is organization and time management.  That’s as true as it can be.  If I don’t have both of those, I will be like a domino… falling and falling, crashing into other dominos and equalling failure.

Maybe I should just be a hobo.

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