The Nerve!

 No I’m not talking about real nerves of the human body but the NERVE! As in… GASP! The Nerve of that girl!! How dare she treat me that way? This is going to be a rant so be ready.

First of all, this is about friendship.  If you’re going to be a friend, or consider someone your friend, make sure you treat that person right! Don’t ever use them.  That is not a friend.  You’re not their friend and they’re definately not yours either.  It’s true that friends are always there for each other and will be there when they need something, but sometimes, it’s just way too much.  A person should definately have a limit of shame.  I mean, it’s great if you’re proud and speak your mind (without thinking) but you should store a little bit of shame in a tiny jar so you can use it in a good time. A great example would be is when you’re asking someone a favor.  Have enough shame to ask kindly and be a little embarassed about it.  Don’t think that just because you call that person your “friend” that he/she’ll do anything you ask them too.  Have some shame to limit your wishes.  Don’t be lazy.  If you can do something by yourself then do it.  Don’t make your “friend” do it for you.  That’s just… sad. If you really consider them as a friend, then treat them like one.  Not like a maid, chauffer, or chef.  FOR REAL.

Some people don’t realize the damages they’ve done.  So you reader might want to analyze the things you’ve said to your “friends” lately.  Recall on whether you asked too much or when you just plain out blocked out that other person because, for some reason, you are more important than them.  I’m not saying that everyone is like that, but I swear some people are just blind and they don’t see that what they do is wrong.

Bottom line is, if you order around a person more than you hang out with them and have fun, you are not friends.  I will say this again to get my point across: Do not take advantage of people who you call “friends”.  It’s really annoying.  Yes, think about your situation but still, take some time to be in that other person’s shoes.  What if you were them? How would they feel?

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