Turning 16… can be scary

To all those who are way older than me, okay okay. I get it.  I’m young.  I shouldn’t be worried so much and I don’t have much responsibilities right? However, this year, turning 16 is something else for me.  It’s a shift in my life, just like the shift from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school.  I’m going to college.  Yes college.  And it’s really scary for me.  I’m not sure if I can handle all that.  I’m in a program called Dual Enrollment and it allows me to be in high school but at the same time do college work.  By the time I graduate high school, I will also be recieving my AA degree.  I save two years of my life and also thousands of dollars.

For Freshman and Sophomore year, I took a couple of college classes but they were on campus.  It was perfect so my schedule was right.  This year, coming in as a Junior, I have to actually drive to IRSC (Indian River State College).  I had to do Virtual School to finish high school requirements for this year because I don’t have time to drive to college AND highschool.

Oh that’s another thing that’s making me nervous.  Being 16 means I get to take my driving test.  Woah.  I’m not even sure if I can pass that thing.  My birthday is tomorrow but I take my take the 24th because that’s when I took my Learner’s exam.  Man, to be seriously honest, I’m scared to drive out by myself.  I’m not sure if I’m ready yet.  When I’m driving around with my mom, she always tells me what to do.  I don’t have much common sense out in the road, when to turn etc. Also, we don’t have another car for me so I’ll have to share with my mom’s car.  That means on the days I have school and she has work, I have to drive her early in the morning to the hospital (she’s a registered nurse) and later go to college. 

It might not seem that much, but for me, it’s something totally new.  I get to meet new people (most who will be older 😦 ) and experience more mature level of work.  I just feel like there’s way more responsibilities…

Well at least I don’t have to pay for anything serious yet HAHA…

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