“Go Eat Your Cereal”

I usually go to church every Saturday evening, but with everything that turned up, I ended going on the morning mass last Sunday.  There can be so much distractions at a Catholic church, with babies wailing, and for me, the mosaic glass thing that’s just so colorful!!! I try to pay attention but I just end up staring at the colors of the stained glass.  It’s so pretty especially that morning, when the light was coming through.

(The picture isn’t particularly from my church.  I just got it online)

Anyways, the priest always tells a story after the Gospel Reading.  That’s when we sit down and I get caught up in the stained glass and get lost Lol… But, he was telling a story about his dream which caught my attention.  Father was saying how he’s been wondering why ALL the humans have to suffer from the sins of Adam and Eve.  Were we there? So was it partly our fault too? Moving on, his dream. OK. So this is how it went.  He was just sitting down eating cereal with a bunch of other people eating cereal too.  Suddenly, God pops up. The Father (priest) then asked God why we have to suffer from Adam and Eve’s fault.

God Said: “Go Eat Your Cereal”

LOL. That made me smile.  So we might not have the answers to everything.  I really could care less if you’re a Catholic or Muslim or Atheist or whatever, but everyone should learn a lesson from this story.  I mean, we always search for answers to questions we curiously ponder upon; however, there is a limit to our knowledge.  (omg I sound semi smart!) Those people who search what the meaning of life is and all they do is think SO hard and it makes them crazy.  I’ll admit MOST of the time it’s great, but some things were just made just because it was.  No explanation.  Don’t obsess over one thing that will make you crazy.  You can spend your whole life thinking about the meaning of everything, but then you realize it’s too late.  Instead of spending your life on LIVING you wasted it on trying to make sense of things that aren’t even that important.  You have to know your priorities!

We all need a little meditation time to empty our minds and just relax.  LIVE.

Goodnight everybody! 🙂

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