You’re NORMAL? Maybe just part of the Majority Group.

From the day you are born, ideas and concepts are “planted” into your little baby brain.  After a while, you learn about conscience and differentiate between wrong and right-or so you think.  The “rules” that have been taught that you should follow is not solid.  It’s just a dotted line that you can easily pass through.  For instance, most of us have been taught that one shouldn’t talk with their mouths full.  When you think about it, it’s because the food will splatter everywhere and it’s just “unethical” right?  Who came up with the idea that it was unethical??? What makes something unethical? The answer is simple. MAJORITY.  The majority of the world thinks a certain way.  Yes, we are all different, but most of us have the same standards, because we are the “MAJORITY”.  Different categories have different majorities.  An example would be: if someone close to you died, the majority would have the same response: cry and be sad.  There might be those who shed no tears, which I’m sure some would think is wrong.  You might think they are heartless creatures who are just “weird”.  The rest of the society doesn’t accept the way that person handles that certain situation because it’s not “normal”.  

What makes a person “weird”?  If someone has 6 fingers on one hand, that automatically makes them “abnormal” right? Because a “normal” hand only has 5 fingers? Okay, what makes someone “normal”? A lot of people might suggest that normal doesn’t exist.  I agree halfway with them.  However, the world “normal” just pertains to the majority group.  All the other minorities are then considered abnormal.  This is how it works: We look at each other and classify ourselves as human beings.  We all have similar genes and features.  Blah blah blah.  So since most “human beings” have 10 fingers, we just classify that as the norm. 

People get discriminated everyday because a part of them is not included in the “majority group“. Something about them is just so different that society can’t handle it.  They get looked down and harrassed but nothing is wrong with them!  Why do we do this? We as a whole group form a certain level of quality.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s good but other times, just wrong. 

But the thing is… WHO CARES ABOUT WHAT SOCIETY THINKS ABOUT YOU? But that’s for a different blog I might do another day…

I don’t even know what I’m trying to say… actually I do.. do I? Ahhh it’s 3AM and I’m half asleep.  I might be amazed when I look back at my blog tomorrow because I feel like I’m in the “dream mode” right now.  I don’t know what I’m typing anymore.  I don’t think I make any sense… WEll early good morning!

😀 Have a nice day!

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