“It’s Going to Be Okay”

It’s SO easy to tell someone else that it’s going to be okay.  You try to imagine yourself in their position but it doesn’t seem as bad because it’s not you who has to deal with all of it.  Imagining is way different from actually being the one in that certain situation.  You tell the person to just try to be positive and smile through it, trying to support them.

However, when it’s your turn… things seem to be so different.  Right now I’m trying to just be positive and think of all the things I tell other people but it’s kind of hard.  I feel like there’s this black cloud surrounding my sunshine right now.  It suckssss.  I’m usually the happy person in the bunch, forcing people to smile.

The only thing I can do right now is hope and pray to God that everything is going to be okay.  I’m also worried and just… I feel so dirty- not like that but just I wanna clean off all these nasty things going on around me.  At least I have friends that are here to be by my side.  I wish I could sleep and wake up as if nothing happened, everything was the same, and everyone was perfectly healthy.  I could really use some happy inspiration right now, but instead I’m listening to sad music… Hhhhh.

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