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“Go Eat Your Cereal”

I usually go to church every Saturday evening, but with everything that turned up, I ended going on the morning mass last Sunday.  There can be so much distractions at a Catholic church, with babies wailing, and for me, the mosaic glass thing that’s just so colorful!!! I try to pay attention but I just end up staring at the colors of the stained glass.  It’s so pretty especially that morning, when the light was coming through.

(The picture isn’t particularly from my church.  I just got it online)

Anyways, the priest always tells a story after the Gospel Reading.  That’s when we sit down and I get caught up in the stained glass and get lost Lol… But, he was telling a story about his dream which caught my attention.  Father was saying how he’s been wondering why ALL the humans have to suffer from the sins of Adam and Eve.  Were we there? So was it partly our fault too? Moving on, his dream. OK. So this is how it went.  He was just sitting down eating cereal with a bunch of other people eating cereal too.  Suddenly, God pops up. The Father (priest) then asked God why we have to suffer from Adam and Eve’s fault.

God Said: “Go Eat Your Cereal”

LOL. That made me smile.  So we might not have the answers to everything.  I really could care less if you’re a Catholic or Muslim or Atheist or whatever, but everyone should learn a lesson from this story.  I mean, we always search for answers to questions we curiously ponder upon; however, there is a limit to our knowledge.  (omg I sound semi smart!) Those people who search what the meaning of life is and all they do is think SO hard and it makes them crazy.  I’ll admit MOST of the time it’s great, but some things were just made just because it was.  No explanation.  Don’t obsess over one thing that will make you crazy.  You can spend your whole life thinking about the meaning of everything, but then you realize it’s too late.  Instead of spending your life on LIVING you wasted it on trying to make sense of things that aren’t even that important.  You have to know your priorities!

We all need a little meditation time to empty our minds and just relax.  LIVE.

Goodnight everybody! 🙂

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You’re NORMAL? Maybe just part of the Majority Group.

From the day you are born, ideas and concepts are “planted” into your little baby brain.  After a while, you learn about conscience and differentiate between wrong and right-or so you think.  The “rules” that have been taught that you should follow is not solid.  It’s just a dotted line that you can easily pass through.  For instance, most of us have been taught that one shouldn’t talk with their mouths full.  When you think about it, it’s because the food will splatter everywhere and it’s just “unethical” right?  Who came up with the idea that it was unethical??? What makes something unethical? The answer is simple. MAJORITY.  The majority of the world thinks a certain way.  Yes, we are all different, but most of us have the same standards, because we are the “MAJORITY”.  Different categories have different majorities.  An example would be: if someone close to you died, the majority would have the same response: cry and be sad.  There might be those who shed no tears, which I’m sure some would think is wrong.  You might think they are heartless creatures who are just “weird”.  The rest of the society doesn’t accept the way that person handles that certain situation because it’s not “normal”.  

What makes a person “weird”?  If someone has 6 fingers on one hand, that automatically makes them “abnormal” right? Because a “normal” hand only has 5 fingers? Okay, what makes someone “normal”? A lot of people might suggest that normal doesn’t exist.  I agree halfway with them.  However, the world “normal” just pertains to the majority group.  All the other minorities are then considered abnormal.  This is how it works: We look at each other and classify ourselves as human beings.  We all have similar genes and features.  Blah blah blah.  So since most “human beings” have 10 fingers, we just classify that as the norm. 

People get discriminated everyday because a part of them is not included in the “majority group“. Something about them is just so different that society can’t handle it.  They get looked down and harrassed but nothing is wrong with them!  Why do we do this? We as a whole group form a certain level of quality.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s good but other times, just wrong. 

But the thing is… WHO CARES ABOUT WHAT SOCIETY THINKS ABOUT YOU? But that’s for a different blog I might do another day…

I don’t even know what I’m trying to say… actually I do.. do I? Ahhh it’s 3AM and I’m half asleep.  I might be amazed when I look back at my blog tomorrow because I feel like I’m in the “dream mode” right now.  I don’t know what I’m typing anymore.  I don’t think I make any sense… WEll early good morning!

😀 Have a nice day!

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To Mean Something to Someone

There are no words to describe the feeling when someone tells you how much you mean to them. It feels awesome, like you actually matter a lot.  Family is usually the one who cares about you, but for someone who has no blood connections with you, may it be your girl/boyfriend or just a truly special friend, maybe even a stranger… it’s just… I don’t even know how to say it.  What I’m talking about is a sincere true care, not just like “oh hey thanks for being here”. NO. When someone says they won’t be able to function right without you is just unbelievable.  Maybe I’m overreacting, but it feels great for me. People like that are truly special.

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“It’s Going to Be Okay”

It’s SO easy to tell someone else that it’s going to be okay.  You try to imagine yourself in their position but it doesn’t seem as bad because it’s not you who has to deal with all of it.  Imagining is way different from actually being the one in that certain situation.  You tell the person to just try to be positive and smile through it, trying to support them.

However, when it’s your turn… things seem to be so different.  Right now I’m trying to just be positive and think of all the things I tell other people but it’s kind of hard.  I feel like there’s this black cloud surrounding my sunshine right now.  It suckssss.  I’m usually the happy person in the bunch, forcing people to smile.

The only thing I can do right now is hope and pray to God that everything is going to be okay.  I’m also worried and just… I feel so dirty- not like that but just I wanna clean off all these nasty things going on around me.  At least I have friends that are here to be by my side.  I wish I could sleep and wake up as if nothing happened, everything was the same, and everyone was perfectly healthy.  I could really use some happy inspiration right now, but instead I’m listening to sad music… Hhhhh.

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We Take Too much Things For Granted

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this throughout my life… but it’s beyond true.  We take so much things for granted and it’s so sad that we only realize it when it’s gone.  When’s the last time you said “Thank God for this glass of water!” (or “wow. What would I do without this water?”)

Beyond taking things for granted, we get too caught up on things we shouldn’t care so much about.  Of course you could have a job that you need to support your family, but sometimes we just have to slow down.  Today, it’s like everyone’s in such a rush.  I have to do this, do that.  No time for sleep.

You just have to think what is truly important in your life.  Just think of this situation:

A man was working until 4AM at his home to finish his paper work.  His boss was going to fire him if he didn’t finish it.  Of course, he didn’t want that.  He had his wife who was pregnant with a 3 month old baby and a 2 year old daughter who needed his support.  The only thing that was on his mind was to finish that paper so he could provide for his growing family.  His daughter was bugging him through out the night but all he said was “Sorry baby I really have to do this paperwork so daddy can feed you.” So his daughter went back to bed.  The next day, he was in such a hurry to go to work because he overslept.  Being drowsy, he forgot to bring his cellphone.  The whole day while he was at work, his wife was trying to contact him.  His daughter had a serious case of pneumonia and she wanted her daddy.  He finally got home that night to find no one there, but a note that explained everything. The father rushed to the hospital to see his beautiful daughter just in time to be by her side.

What if it was something worse? What if his daughter died while he was at work? He was too busy to try to see the things that were truly important to him.

Usually, when we talk about taking things for granted, we say “things” like items (like the water I mentioned earlier).  However, the things we truly take for granted are people.  Next time you get mad at someone who you truly love, tell them how much they mean to you.  I know I never did that but I might just… I’m sure it’ll shake the person up.  You just don’t know when anyone’s going to leave this world.   Instead of getting mad at your mom for telling you to clean your room, just CLEAN IT!!! You’re not going to die from it so stop complaining.

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Virtual School

So since summer started, I’ve been doing this whole FLVS (Florida Virtual School) thing and I really don’t like it.  Sitting in a classroom and trying to listen to a teacher talk is one thing, but having to sit and stare at the laptop, reading about American History gets really tiring.

Of course it has its advantages.  I can do the class at my own pace (fast so I can get it over with) and I can do it anywhere that has internet access.  I kind of learn something along the way too. (lol) and it’s an easy A (if you know what im sayin ;D)

It’s just the constant essays and calling the teachers… AH! It’s supposed to be summer vacation, but instead I’m stuck doing all this work.  I hope this makes me smarter at the end… I guess it’s actually making me smarter right now! Instead of watching pointless shows on TV I’m “learning”.  I get so distracted though.  For example, I was writing an essay when I decided I wanted to blog! I need less distractions :/

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Ok, so this is going to be my first official blog kind of blog if you know what im saying… 😀

So for the longest time, I’ve been trying to save up money for the best acoustic guitar I could get.  Unfortunately, it didn’t really work out.  Everytime I get up to that $50 mark, I’d end up going to the mall and spending it all or wasting it on unnecessary calories 😦 (for yummy food!)

I finally gave up because I knew that I can’t manage money.  .  . Hopefully one day…

However, my “needing of money” came up again an hour ago.  I was reading this blog filled with beautiful high definition pictures of China.  It was just SO awesome and instantly I knew I wanted that camera.  Yes, pretty greedy but I’ve always wanted a really good camera, not something that takes ugly blurry pictures.  Lately, I’ve just been using my itouch with instagram.  Sometimes I use my mom’s canon powershot, but you know how you want your own stuff? Well yeah, that’s how I feel.  I really want a camera bad. After looking through those pictures, I was just like… WOW. That’s one cool camera.  I’d love to have it so I can take amazing pictures to put on this blog! haha

The sad part was when I looked it up online and found out the cheapest was $4000! Are you crazy?! NO, I don’t have that kind of money to spend on a camera. I’m not even out of high school yet, without a job.  I just have to add owning one of those great cameras to my dream list. Ha… Maybe if I try, I can save up for one of the $300 ones.  Now that’s more achievable.

The point of this whole rant thing is that, it seems like every time I “want” something, money is involved.  It’s crazy. Life revolves around money.  It shouldn’t right? But to survive nowadays you need money for things like food, shelter and clothing. Well i mean we could hunt down rabbits and live in the wild, but I’m not going to do that…

I wish we didn’t need money.  I feel like I do.  Maybe I should really get a job, but not many places hire 15 year olds… Plus, to get a job, you most likely need to know someone who works there.  It’s so tough! I just want that camera! So greedy of me haha.

Well I’ll see if I can end up saving money…

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